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The Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg (JMU) holds about 1.200 coins, medals and para-numismatic objects from the 7th BCE to modern times with a focus on Greek and Roman coins. Due to the near complete destruction in World War II the coin cabinet in the Martin von Wagner Museum (MvW) is mainly build by donations after 1945 and by a few selected acciquistions. The the most important of those donations is the Coll. Herbert Wellhöfer – c. 400 classical Greek coins with an emphasis on iconography and aesthetics.


Martin von Wagner Museum - Coin Cabinet
Würzburg University

Project management: Jochen Griesbach
Editorial: Marc Philipp Wahl
Programming: Jürgen Freundel, Ilmenau


Academic Staff

Marc Philipp Wahl, under collaboration of Adrian Erben, Katrin Hecht, Helena Huber, Lukas Jansen, Pierre Schmuck

Photography: Adrian Erben, Katrin Hecht, Lukas Jansen, Christina Kiefer, Marc Philipp Wahl (see each object entry's print view for details).

(Left to right: K. Hecht, H. Huber, M.Ph. Wahl, A. Erben, Photo: Chr. Kiefer)


This project is in cooperation with the Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin. The database and online catalogue are based on http://ikmk.smb.museum with shared data administration for the NUMiD-Project for the semantic web.